It is a pitty to build great products and keep them out of the sight. Do you agree? ## Who Am I? Sharing my thoughts from a position of Chief Marketing Officer at growing it from zero to leading language localization suite, serving clients in over 80 countries and hundreds of millions end-users. For many years I’ve been in contact with people who are great at their craft, but they could get used of some help with making their products available & attractive for the market. I am on a mission to empower people make their living by doing good things. I am passionate about finding synergies, about [[Go To Market]] and [[brand development]]. Very slowly working on a publication for makers who want to get customers for their products. You can take a look here - [[Ask Your Marketer Scope]] ## Where are you? You are in one of my [[Creative Surfaces]] on top of my internal [[Personal Knowledge Management]], allowing me to quickly present notes I believe they could be helpful for those who also build SaaS products & are constantly seeking new ways how to grow. ## For Hire? At this moment, I am not open to new opportunities as I fully focus on making Localazy an attractive company enough for a happyend - exit. Given the intensity of work required, I can offer you just consultations priced at €100 per hour. Ping me anytime via if you think I can help. Subscribe to [Ask Your Marketer | Jakub Dubec | Substack]( [[Standing Invitation]]